Thursday, 16 March 2017

Are you not able to login to your yahoo account step to recover account

Online Customers are most often apprehensive on situations when they are unable to log in to their Yahoo accounts even when they are quite sure of the account user name and password. The user feels that the account is no longer safe and all the contacts and information stored in the account are gone. This is, however, not the case. Owing to number of online accounts maintained by the users in this information age, there is a possibility that users may neglect some of the accounts and due to which these accounts may be in the dormant stage for a long periods of time. The Yahoo Customer Support service, in an attempt for better resource utilisation and safety measures, has automated certain batch jobs which deactivates these accounts because these accounts are soft targets for intruders to carry out their concealed operations. However, customers do have the option for recovering these accounts by following a set of steps which would guide them for recovering their account. The authenticity check for account recovery is more stringent as compared to other account related verification.

All account recovery requests are handled by the Yahoo Technical Support team, and the series of steps followed are mentioned and explained below:-

Steps 1 – When the user calls a customer care support service for recovering or reactivating his or her account, the first and foremost thing is the authenticity of the user. The user access the account information and asks few of the account related information like alternate email address and/or the mobile phone number, as well as a few of the hint questions which were provided while creating the account

Step 2 – It is mandatory for the user to answer the hint questions set by him during creation of the account. In case he is not able to answer, he has to fill a form sent by the Yahoo customer care executive, and update it back to him. Based on the information filled in the form, a Yahoo representative would contact the respective person and carry out the necessary steps. This step can be bypassed in case the user remembers the hint question.

The service level agreement for these kinds of requests is mostly from 2 days to a week. Based on the critical and complexity of the request, the time to recovery varies. Customers can feel free to get in touch with the yahoo support expert team personnel any time during the day via phone, chat, email as well as via social media.


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